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Check Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is used to grease the parts of a car’s gearbox to ensure that it performs at its best.

What are the types of transmission fluid?

For various transmissions, several fluids are used. The engine of your automobile might be either automatic or manual.

· Automatic transmission fluid is used in automatic transmissions (ATF). The proper use of automatic transmission oil is heavily reliant on the transmission technology in your vehicle: conventional, CVT, DCT/DSG, and so on.

· The majority of manual transmissions utilize a range of oils that meet the API GL-4 criteria. Consult your owner’s handbook or your local Sawgrass dealer in Sunrise to be sure you’re using the suitable transmission fluid for your vehicle.

Why is transmission fluid needed?

When shifting, the synchro rings and sliders rely on a frictionless surface to match speeds. If you don’t have enough oil in your transmission, the wear on these elements will increase, making switching more challenging.

Check the transmission oil level if your automobile is having trouble switching.

When should you change your transmission fluid?

Although transmissions are meant to work at elevated temperatures, constant heating can cause the fluid to break down. Transmission fluids, contrary to common perception, are not “filled-for-life” and must be replenished. Sawgrass Chevy in Sunrise Florida has certified technicians that will know exactly your transmission oil’s life plus they will check all other components to ensure your vehicle is running smooth. To make an appointment see here.